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 Benefits to having your sprinkler system winterized by Pro Sprinkler.  

Think of this service as type of insurance.  Backflows are the most expensive part on your sprinkler system.  Any backflow that is above ground is exposed to our Oklahoma weather (which can be brutal).  Replacing a backflow can cost anywhere from $500-$1700 to replace.  When Pro Sprinkler winterizes your system we will warranty your backflow from any freezes.  For a small fee you can rest assured that when you are ready for your system in the spring the backflow will function or be replaced.


Winterization/Spring Startup
Our winterization service includes draining the water from the backflow device, as well as a follow-up turn on in the spring. We will warranty your backflow from freeze damage! This service is a no contact service; we will winterize your system and return in the spring and turn it back on for you!

We will not adjust heads, replace heads, or do any other maintenance.


Spring Diagnostic

Like a new car bought off the lot, the more miles put on the car, the more wear and tear occurs to the components. Sprinkler systems are not any different!  A spring diagnostic check can prevent headaches from any potential leaks, damage, or any modifications necessary for property growth . As part of the diagnostic, we will guide you in proper programming and smart watering recommendations for you to program for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

We will go through your entire system and check for broken heads, leaks, coverage issues etc.


Winterization/Startup Package- $100.00
Spring Diagnostic (up to 8 zones)- $75.00
Each Additional zone- $10.00 per zone
Save $45 when you bundle the Spring Diagnostic with your Winterization/Startup package